Resume/CV Tips – Part- 5 – Proofread it!

By | July 22, 2012

Proofreading is the process  of going through your content to eliminate spelling mistakes etc.

Please proofread your resume at least twice. Thrice over a period of two days is better. Then definitely, we mean definitely, get one of you friends or relatives to have a look at it and ask them to proofread it to eliminate any common mistakes. You cannot catch all the mistakes yourself – so you need someone else to look at it.

Proofreading your resume to get rid of mistakes is too important to ignore.

1. By all means avoid typos (spelling mistakes.) Spelling mistakes on your resume is going to spoil your chances of landing that job.

2. Look for mistakes in your dates (like year of graduation.)

3. Ensure your email is spelt correctly and is visible near the top of the CV.

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