Interview Tips – Part 1 – Phone and Phone Number

By | November 27, 2014

My dear Freshers!

This one is what you might call a no-brainer – in other words, this is just a very obvious thing to do.

Give out your correct phone number. Yep. Correct phone number.

There are times when you may slip up on one of the digits. But more importantly what happens is this: You give our your phone number THEN you go and give your phone or sim card to a close relative and get yourself a new phone number. This happens every once in a while. So make sure your resume has your latest and greatest phone number.

Also please make sure you have good phone signal reception on your phone. Some phones may have snazzy features but may be weak on the signal. So you want to ensure that you have a good signal on your phone and keep it charged. Its best to charge it every night. By the way, usually the more basic models are great at signal reception compared to the smart-phones.