Resume/CV Tips – Part 2 – Email

By | July 22, 2012

The email is a very important piece of information.

Create a good email address:

This seems like a very obvious piece of advice. But we have seen several people having non-businesslike emails. So here are some tips from FreshersGateway on how to create a good email id for your winning resume.

1. Create an email that is simple and clear.

2. Have your first name on the email.

3. Please avoid childish or crazy email ids. Superman, Batman, hotgal – these are not the kind of words you want on your email address.

4. Your email address should be business-like. Also avoid very long email ids.


Ensure the resume’s email is valid

Many recruiters will reach out to candidates through their email. Please make sure your email is valid.

1. Ensure that you are able to login to your email address

2. Ensure that you don’t forget the email’s password at any point.

3. Check your email at least once a day

Check your trash or spam folder

Sometimes the recruiter’s email may be sent to your spam folder or bulk folder in your email. It won’t show up on your inbox. So once a week please quickly glance through your spam folder.


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