Interview Tips for Freshers – Can I have your CV Please?

By | July 29, 2012

Congrats dear new graduate. Its commendable that you have been selected for an interview. So good job there. Now you are preparing to go that interview. All dressed up and everything. Good. So what are you taking with you to your job interview? Directions to your interview location, contact phone numbers of the HR folks whom you have been talking to about this position for freshers. Now how about your resume? You say – “but I already sent it to them via email. Shouldn’t they already have that on their system?” – True. Your HR contact probably does. However, your interviewer may or may not have it. And then will ask for a resume. You don’t want to look sheepish and say – “I already sent it” – no thats not going to help your job interview.

So a day before the interview, make sure you have at least 5 copies of your resume/CV printed out on good paper. And be sure to take these resume copies with you on your job interview.

Trust us! The candidates who readily offer an extra copy of their resume looks good to the interviewer!

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