Have a Postive, Can-Do, Confident Attitude!

By | September 15, 2012

Dear Freshers, Sometimes its not easy to get the job you are looking for. Or perhaps in the field you are looking for. It is especially tough when the economy is rough. Remember you are not alone, hundreds of thousands of freshers are in the same boat. Some who were lucky enough to be placed in big IT companies are being asked to join at a later date – a much later date! Its not their fault. Your jobless situation is not your fault. So what do you do?

Do your duty and don’t get anxious about the results. As a new-grad, it may take some time but you will soon get a job. Also please don’t forget that looking for a job is, in fact, a full-time job by itself – so don’t waste your time – keep working towards your goal of getting a job. Talk to people who you know – apply for jobs on the internet, in the newspapers, etc.

But the most important thing is to psyche yourself up – Tell yourself that you are capable and smart and that you will get a job very soon. Have a positive “I can do it” kind of an attitude. Be Happy for whatever you have. Being positive and being happy and confident will automatically attract good things to you in your life.

So today’s lesson: Be Happy, confident and positive! Thank God for everything God has given you so far.

Gratitude can be a wonderful catalyst for success.

One thought on “Have a Postive, Can-Do, Confident Attitude!

  1. Prasanna

    “Be Happy, confident and positive” day by day loosing hopes on these lines.
    can’t able to control my frustration. Trying for each and every job that has been posted but not even 1 job is written for me. 🙁

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