Freshers’ Common Mistakes & Pitfalls – Part 1 – Waiting for the “right” job or “dream” job

By | July 26, 2012

Freshers, when they are about to finish their college degree and about to start out on a career have all kinds of notions and expectations. Frequently some freshers believe that there is a “right” job that they need to wait for.

Here is an important piece of advice for you. You can wait for your right job if you are still in college. However once you are out of college and once you are on your own, then you need to be less choosy. Yes. It sounds a bit harsh for career advice. But this is important.  “Oh, I need to get this job, then I will do that. I will follow that up with an MBA degree. Then a job in so and so company.” Yes. Planning ahead is good. We recommend it. But don’t get too hung up on your own plans. Don’t let your quest for your “dream job” delay the start of your career.

Let us say you are an electrical engineer and want a job in a related field. Sounds reasonable. But suppose you are out of college for 3 or 4 months and about to get a tag of “being jobless”, you now need to re-assess your situation. Sure. You can try for that EEE job that you always wanted. But we recommend that you widen your scope of search. Say, you are able to land a related job – hmm.. how about a job in Software Testing or a job in a college or university as a Lecturer or Assistant Professor. Maybe you don’t really like the job. But please do take it up. And then of course you can continue to look for that dream job as you move in your career. And that will get the “jobless” off your back which of course is good news by itself. And think of this job as a springboard for a better job. Also please keep in mind that every job is a blessing in that you will always learn new things and more importantly make new and interesting friends in a different industry or line of work.

We do hope all of you, readers of FreshersGateway, do land jobs that you desire, but in the meanwhile, do take our advice.

Good luck in your job search dear Freshers.

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