Freshers Job Interview -Common Interview Questions – 1

By | July 22, 2012

As a new grad, some job interview questions are just too common. You need to be prepared to answer these questions.

The most common question and you will get this question 99.99% percent of the time is this:

“Tell me about yourself”

So what are they looking for here?

1. They want to know more about you – stuff you could not say on the resume/cv

2. They want to know how you present yourself when you talk about yourself.

This is a very open ended question that you can use to your advantage. You can even tell them that you are superman – just kidding guys 🙂 But seriously, you can tell the interviewer stuff that you can’t otherwise say. For example that your father was a school principal or that you are a son of a doctor.

So you should have an answer for this question.

1. Quicky tell them what you have studied.

2. If you have an interesting family background, then you may say a quick sentence about that.

3. If you grew up in a different part of the country or know multiple languages you can say so.

and so on. but do plan on answering this question. Most job interviews have this question as pretty much the very first question.

Also keep it short so that you don’t test the interviewer’s patience 🙂

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