Advice for Freshers – Keep yourself updated

By | July 27, 2012

So Freshers, you are looking for a job and its taking some time. Ok. Not a big deal. The economy, the industry in which you are seeking a job, your location – all of these bear into your success rate and timing.

And in the meanwhile you are hitting all the job sites and applying away happily. Good. And this – applying for jobs – is in fact a fulltime job for you.

All the same, we have an important piece of advice for all of you freshers in this situation. Look at the job descriptions closely. We mean, the jobs that you are going after. Say, you are a Computer Science Engineer and looking for programming jobs. eg. Php programmer. Look at the job that really want. And look at the job description to see what they are looking for in terms of skillset – are they asking for php experience, are they looking for knowledge in winrunner, are they looking for some Microsoft ASP.Net knowledge.

Now make a note of the top two skills that they are asking for in your job descriptions. Now ask yourself do you have these skills? Are you good at it. Can you handle the interview questions in those skills. Now, when you are still in the job-search-mode, is the time to make sure you are adept at using skills. Go out and buy yourself a simple book on php (if that is the skill) and learn that language. Is there a good training center for that? For instance if you are in the accounting line, you need to learn tally – can you get enrolled in an course that teaches you these skills?

So identify the top two skills and go after them. You can

1. Learn by buying a book
2. Join some teaching institute like a software training center.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Learning by book is cheaper. And you don’t want to burn your father’s money unnecessarily 🙂

But some training institutes may offer certifications and some may offer placements. You also get to meet others in the industry who are trying to pick up these skills.

One way or another please do make it a point to keep learning and keep yourself abreast of the latest in your industry – that will help you land that job sooner than you think 🙂

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