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Freshers’ Resume/CV Tips – Can Anyone actually read your resume?

Yes, dear Freshers, your resume, if it is anything like the hoardes of others that we see, is not exactly readable. No we are not just talking about the font selection and font size. We are talking about the long winded paragraphs on your resume. Long sentences – that go on without end. Job duties, project details and personal accomplishments all intertwined into one incomprehensible para. Nope that won’t do.

So here are some tips to make your resume readable and understandable.

1. First things first – simple official looking fonts with a decent font size. Yes you want to look different but not with outlandish crazy fonts.

2. You may, if you choose to, highlight a few points on your resume – when we mean highlight you can either have them in BOLD fonts or underline them. But don’t overdo this – so much that it destroys your resume’s overall look.

3. When you have accomplished something in your job or academic life – showcase that with a separate and highlighted bullet point. Don’t mix it up with the other details of your academic program or your job.

4. Take a look at your resume and make sure that there is enough white-space. What we mean is that Don’t cram everything into a small space thus getting rid of all the white-space. White space is what makes your resume easy to read.


Interview Tips for Freshers – Did you bring your enthusiasm with you ?

Interview Tips for Freshers – Did you bring your enthusiasm with you ?

A nice interview lined up for you tomorrow? Congrats on landing your interview. This is the final stage of the job-hunting drama – hopefully it will be.

You are doing everything to do well in the interview – preparing for technical and subject-matter questions. Gettting your suit or tie ready. Getting your resumes printed, your academic certitificates in order. And so on. Good.

But there are a lot of intangibles in the job-interview process.  A lot! In an interview the answers that you give the interviewer is the not the only thing they go by. They will look for a lot of subtle cues about your suitability for the job. One of the most important things the employer will look for is your enthusiasm. You need to show that you are a high-energy individual willing to work enthusiastically for your new employers.

How can you do this?

1. Have a confident body-posture. Sit comfortably but not too comfortable that it looks like you are relaxing.

2. When you are asked a question, look at the interviewer when you answer – don’t look somewhere in the distance while answering.

3. Practice having a firm hand-shake. This is important for male candidates.

4. Answer your questions confidently with a can-do attitude.

5. Many job-interviews allow time at the end for the interviewee – that is you – to ask some questions about the company or the job. If you are given an opportunity to ask questions, don’t say I have no questions. Ask at least one pertinent question about the job. Preferably it should be a question that demonstrates how well you understand the job. So be prepared with a few questions about the job and company in advance.

6. Try to look pleasant and smile whenever appropriate. Some people just forget to smile at job interviews 🙂 So smile – it’s good for your health and good for your job-interview.