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Advice for Freshers – To Certificate or not to Certificate?

Advice for Freshers – To Certificate or not to Certificate – that is the question. Pardon us for converting Certificate into a verb 🙂 But you get the drift. Our point of discussion now is whether there is any point in getting certified. How much does a certificate help you or hurt you in your… Read More »

Freshers’ Common Mistakes & Pitfalls – Part 1 – Waiting for the “right” job or “dream” job

Freshers, when they are about to finish their college degree and about to start out on a career have all kinds of notions and expectations. Frequently some freshers believe that there is a “right” job that they need to wait for. Here is an important piece of advice for you. You can wait for your right… Read More »

Resume/CV Tips – Part- 6 – Absolute Essentials

The following are some very essential (important) things that should be written very clearly on your resume. 1. Name. Yes, believe it or not, we have seen plenty of resumes where the name of the candidate is not clear. There are cases where you borrow your friend’s resume to create your own copy and then… Read More »

Resume/CV Tips – Part- 5 – Proofread it!

Proofreading is the process  of going through your content to eliminate spelling mistakes etc. Please proofread your resume at least twice. Thrice over a period of two days is better. Then definitely, we mean definitely, get one of you friends or relatives to have a look at it and ask them to proofread it to eliminate… Read More »

Resume/CV Tips – Part 5 – Bullet Points

Recruiters and employers don’t read the full resume. They just glance at it. So avoid long paragraphs of text. Also be sure to use bullet points and short sentences to describe your experiences, your educational qualifications and your project details whereever possible.   Instead of using a long paragraph describing your experience at a company break… Read More »

Resume/CV Tips – Part 3 – Extracurricular Activities

Since you are a fresher, most recruiters will look at your academic achievements and knowledge to hire you. But they will also look at your extra-curricular activities. So make sure you have a sub-title called Extracurricular Activities at the end of your CV. You should mention anything that you have done in addition to your… Read More »

Resume/CV Tips – Part 2 – Email

The email is a very important piece of information. Create a good email address: This seems like a very obvious piece of advice. But we have seen several people having non-businesslike emails. So here are some tips from FreshersGateway on how to create a good email id for your winning resume. 1. Create an email… Read More »