Interview Tips – Part 2 – Phone Manners

Dear Freshers, This is very important. We find that many times when we call up candidates for the first time, they are not very courteous. They sometimes yell with not much respect “WHO? WHAT DO YOU WANT?” etc. Not very pleasant. Why does this happen? 1. You have applied for a few jobs. 2. After […]

Interview Tips – Part 1 – Phone and Phone Number

My dear Freshers! This one is what you might call a no-brainer – in other words, this is just a very obvious thing to do. Give out your correct phone number. Yep. Correct phone number. There are times when you may slip up on one of the digits. But more importantly what happens is this: […]

Have a Postive, Can-Do, Confident Attitude!

Dear Freshers, Sometimes its not easy to get the job you are looking for. Or perhaps in the field you are looking for. It is especially tough when the economy is rough. Remember you are not alone, hundreds of thousands of freshers are in the same boat. Some who were lucky enough to be placed in […]

Freshers’ Common Mistakes & Pitfalls – Part 1 – Waiting for the “right” job or “dream” job

Freshers, when they are about to finish their college degree and about to start out on a career have all kinds of notions and expectations. Frequently some freshers believe that there is a “right” job that they need to wait for. Here is an important piece of advice for you. You can wait for your right […]

Resume/CV Tips – Part- 6 – Absolute Essentials

The following are some very essential (important) things that should be written very clearly on your resume. 1. Name. Yes, believe it or not, we have seen plenty of resumes where the name of the candidate is not clear. There are cases where you borrow your friend’s resume to create your own copy and then […]